Mount St. Helens

We moved to Nick's hometown of Portland, Oregon in July and we couldn't be happier! We're close to family & friends and it feels good to finally settle down with a baby on the way... 


My sister was here for a month this summer and went on some incredible hikes. She took this beautiful picture of Mount St. Helens and I just had to paint it immediately! Here's some progress shots in my temporary studio. This is acrylic on canvas: 30"x40"


Europe-inspired illustrations

Both of these gouache illustrations were inspired by my recent trip to Ireland and Copenhagen, Denmark! We loved listening to irish music in small town pubs and of course all the green fields everywhere. Since I grew up in Hawaii, I've always loved mermaids and seeing Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid statue was pretty nostalgic for me :) Both of these prints are up in the Etsy shop!

Nasturtium Pattern Design

I've been itching to design repeat patterns for fabric and gift wrap for the longest time! I found this tutorial from Kimberly Kling for Oh My Handmade and it's super easy to follow. I took some elements from my "Knitting Nasturtiums" illustration and created a fun pattern for Spoonflower fabric :) I can't wait to see the test swatches! I'm thinking this would be super cute as a scarf!

Nasturtium in Navy fabric design by Anisa Asakawa