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Let me help you effortlessly capture the magical essence of the people and places that inspire you the most.

The Commission Process

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Collect + Connect

You’ll collect a few inspiration photos, measure your space, and determine a canvas size that works for you. Then you’ll fill out the Commission Inquiry Form below and we’ll set up a time to chat. We’ll discuss your project in detail and you’ll get to ask me questions. I’m all about demystifying the process!

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Encounter + Explore

If during our meeting we decide we want to move forward, I’ll create your commission proposal, complete with timeline, inspiration, and expectations. A signed contract and a 50% initial payment seals the deal.

Now here comes the fun part…

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Paint + Pigment

Splattered apron on, messy bun, and the best jams on the speakers, this is the part where I get to create our vision! And of course I’ll be giving you sneak peeks along the way! Once we’re done, I’ll send you a final photo for you to approve, then carefully pack and deliver your custom piece. Locals may pick up!

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Display + Delight

The big in-person reveal! Unpack your new piece and hang it in that special place. Let it carry you away to that personal memory, infusing your day with joy and inspiration. Oh! And don’t forget to save the Certificate of Authenticity somewhere safe. Show off photos and videos of your newest Asakawa commission on Instagram.

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"I cannot say enough amazing things about Anisa & her art! As soon as I saw her work online, I knew I was going to fill my empty walls with her paintings. I had no idea what I wanted, but I trusted Anisa and gave her full artistic freedom to create.

Everyday I wake up to this massive painting of a trail on the Na'pali coast that I hiked often as a kid. To be instantly transported home through her art is so comforting. The unexpected pops of color and texture in her paintings are my favorite & this is because Anisa paints in the way that she sees the world. And it's even more beautiful and whimsical than we can imagine!"

- Cristy in Portland, Oregon.


Commission Inquiry Form

Name *
Desired Size of Commissioned Work: *

Need more details ? No problem!

I don't have one image that is exactly what I want. Are you able to combine different elements of what I love from different photos into one awesome work of art?

Yes absolutely!! A lot of times, I have collectors come to me with a specific place, plants, and/or flowers in mind that they'd like featured. What's wonderful about my painting process is that I can stitch different photo elements together to make a completely unique landscape with all your favorite details! Ultimately, as the artist, I'll know what will work for my style in order to make the painting a success. So, tell me what's on your wishlist and I'll do my very best to make it all happen!

How do I figure out what size painting I need?

If you're not sure what size canvas you need, grab some blue painter's tape and tape out the ideal size of your painting (not framed) in your space. Measure and write down these ideal dimensions. Please keep in mind that the smallest size available is 16" x 20" starting at $640 (pricing subject to change).

Return policy for original paintings: All original artwork sales are final. We do not offer returns or exchanges on original artwork. 

If your painting arrives damaged in any way, please email, and a I will do my best to remedy the situation.

How much will it be to ship my painting?

Shipping is included for customers in the continental US on prints and paintings up to 40 inches.

Shipping small paintings: Anything under 40 inches, give or take (we work on a case by case basis sometimes, depending on where you live and the exact proportions of the artwork in question) ships UPS and is included in the price.

Shipping large paintings: For paintings measuring over 40”, I use a company called Craters and Freighters for shipping. They will create a custom wooden crate for your painting. Most paintings are delivered 7-10 days after they pick up your painting from my studio. Shipping is $1000 for this custom service to addresses within the continental US. 

International customers: For prints and paintings under 40” (102cm), you will receive a separate invoice for the shipping cost.  For paintings measuring over 40”, you will be charged an initial $1000 for shipping and then receive a separate invoice for the portion of the shipping costs exceeding $1000. Please note: International VAT/Duty taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

Local pick-up for original paintings: Portland, Oregon.

If you are a local customer and would like to schedule a pickup or delivery of your painting, please contact me after purchasing. We can schedule a convenient time to get you your painting! If your painting was on display at a local venue with a frame, you will be able to take home your painting with its frame at no additional charge!

Can I request changes to my commissioned painting?

I allow 1 reasonable edit once you receive and review your final commission painting. For example, one time a collector wanted the centers in the yellow balsamroot flowers to be dark brown instead of terracotta. Any additional or major changes will be charged at an hourly painting rate.

I want to commission a painting for a gift. Will you be able to create it and ship it in time?

If you would like a commissioned painting as a gift, please apply ASAP with as many details as you can give me (your artwork vision, gift due date, occasion, etc). Once we agree on a contract and timeline, I will do everything in my power to get your painting to you within your time frame, but I cannot paint overnight or predict any unforeseen challenges. Most commissions take 6weeks from painting start date to finish. Shipping times will vary. Please contact me for more details.

Do you accept refunds or returns?

No refunds or exchanges on commissioned paintings unless the item is damaged in shipping. (must show proof of damage)