As the daughter of a botanist and a forester, Anisa Asakawa's love for nature runs deep. She grew up helping her parents collect plant specimens for research and take care of the "plant babies" in their many gardens & greenhouses. It wasn't until she studied fine art at Washington University in St. Louis that Anisa realized how much she craved being outdoors surrounded by the flowers, vines, and trees of her childhood. Her current body of work focuses on that immersive and spiritual feeling one gets when spending time outside in nature's energetic beauty. Anisa's paintings highlight the Pacific Northwest landscape and scenes from her travels from the perspective of a seated viewer, making the audience feel like they are actually there. Getting lost in Anisa's work is easy to do since all the details, colors, and sprawling scenery work together to create an Alice in Wonderland effect hoping to pull you in. This sense of escapism is a breath of fresh air for many people who spend their days moving between man-made spaces of concrete, metal and glass. Anisa's paintings aim to capture the therapeutic effect nature has on all of our spirits through a bold use of color and energetic brushstrokes. While our natural landscapes are shrinking at lightning speed due to human conquest, Anisa hope's her paintings serve as reminders of the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Today you can find Anisa at her home studio painting the day away, getting lost in the flowers.

Anisa is a Portland-based artist living in the SW quadrant with her husband, baby boy and cocker spaniel.